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About us

Unity Trade is a trading company registered in the United Kingdom in 2003. Over a long period of operation, the platform was able to form a team consisting exclusively of experienced traders, financial analysis and information technology specialists. Constant work on increasing the client base, as well as investing in the development of trading instruments, allows the company to maintain a stable level of growth over many years of operation.

The main focus of Unity Trade is trading on the currency and cryptocurrency markets. Due to a strategically competent and diversified approach, clients receive regular profits on a passive basis, and the platform's traders continue to develop and improve their skills, expanding their list of trading strategies and tools. Unity Trade supports innovative methods of market analysis, and employees use proprietary indicators and oscillators to achieve greater accuracy. The company's traders are certified specialists in the field of volume-cluster analysis and "price action" formations. Extensive experience in the currency and cryptocurrency markets allows you to use your own developments in the form of individually designed formations and patterns, which distinguishes Unity Trade from other companies.

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Advantages of Unity Trade

  • Proprietary market indicators
    Development and implementation of proprietary market indicators to achieve maximum accuracy. Individually designed oscillators and custom formations help you analyze the market to determine the next strategy in the opening of each transaction. All transactions are carried out by Unity Trade specialists in the framework of the strictest risk management and do not carry rash risks.
  • Extensive
    Extensive experience in the foreign exchange market allows you to quickly determine its state, choosing the most profitable trading pairs and directions. The use of the author's developed patterns and formations expands the possibilities and minimizes the risks of drawdowns, and hence the financial losses of customers.
  • Accurate analysis from professional traders
    Detailed, most accurate analysis in fundamental, financial and technical terms allows you to determine the average yield as quickly as possible, and, consequently, objectively and quickly assess the market mood. Professional traders use positional trading, intraday trading and scalping-trading strategies that have proven their reliability and financial efficiency. 
  • Regular
    profit payments
    Regardless of market volatility and the current bullish or bearish trend, Unity Trade manages to maintain stable and regular profit payments, constantly expanding its client base.

How much could you earn in 2020, with an investment of $100

40 $
80 $
120 $
160 $
200 $
240 $
280 $
320 $
360 $
400 $
104.80 $ January
118.60 $ February
148.40 $ March
160.40 $ April
166.20 $ May
218.80 $ June
268.70 $ July
275.10 $ August
296.20 $ September
328.30 $ October
370.50 $ November
397.90 $ December

Unity Trade Mobile the market is in your hands!

A mobile application that will facilitate your cooperation with Unity Trade.
  • What awaits you:

  • 1
    support for all popular digital coins (more than 1000 names), customize the portfolio by currency relevance
  • 2
    portfolio management based on market data: the level of demand, the size of the bid, the volume of transactions, the current price and quotes for each exchange
  • 3
    the ability to build a chart of historical prices with different timeframes (30min, 1H, 2H, 1D, 5D, 1M, 3M, 6M, 1Y, ALL)
  • 4
    setting individual parameters for displaying prices on the chart
  • 5
    setting up price charts: candle charts, bars with different timeframes, building support and resistance lines
  • 6
    Professional order book with market depth
  • 7
    The ability to add the main indicators to the chart and their point adjustment (MA, EMA, Bollinger Bands, MacD, Volume, RSI, etc.)
Coming soon

How do we make money?

The most popular cryptocurrency destinations: BTC/USB, ETH/USB, XP/USB, BTC/USD, CAD/USD, DOT/USB, LINK/USD, RUB/USD, EUR/USD
Most popular currency destinations: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, CAD/JPY, EUR/GBP In addition to the usual trading of Currency and Cryptocurrency pairs. Our team of analysts constantly monitors the listing of new coins. Our analysts study in detail the fundamental part of each ICO and ISO, which allows you to earn, in some cases, up to 200% of the deposit body within a single initial placement

The most popular cryptocurrency destinations:


Our clients’ total profit for 2020 is $ 5,600,000

Join the Unity Trade team and discover new horizons!

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